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Rachel Pearl is a reputable pop singer, songwriter, actor, and artist who's been creating and collaborating for 20 years. After penning and performing 2 hit songs with French DJ, Celestal she continues to grow and work creatively in this business.
Her newest venture is streaming on Twitch. You can watch Pearl live twice a week while she performs her released songs and creates new ones right before your eyes.



Celestal Feat. Rachel Pearl


Old School Romance (Main Version)

Celestal Feat. Rachel Pearl & Grynn


Old School Romance

Celestal Feat. Rachel Pearl & Grynn



Music Tells A Story

A fiery flash of red hair. Rachel Pearl clearly favors well-crafted pop hooks in the vein of Sia. She somehow manages to sound nostalgic and futuristic all at once. A strong four-on-the-floor rhythm, lilting vocals and a soft bedding of layered electronic synthesis has taken Pearl to a level of working with internationally renowned DJs.

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Catch Rachel live twice a week singing live in her studio. Click for schedule.


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Live performances and favorites from my twitch streams.


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